Online Poker

Using Information In Online Poker

Playing online poker is almost like participating in a take-home test. Do you remember those? I rarely had the opportunity to be tested in such a way, but it's always nice having the knowledge, notes and research capability right at your fingertips. There's less margin for error, and the environment lends itself to achieving full potential. Are you seeing some similarities with the world of online poker? Whether you want to refer to information on poker odds, starting hands, general strategy or especially, personal information about competitors, it's all at your fingertips.

Take Notes

One thing that I still don't understand is why the beginning poker player isn't willing to take notes while at the table. When you play online, there is absolutely no excuse not to take notes on play scenarios or especially on competitors. Online poker software normally has great function that enables you to take notes directly during play. You can bet that you'll bump into some of these same individuals again down the road, or maybe on a regular basis. As you begin to figure out their game you can quite literally spell it our for yourself, file it away and refer to it when necessary. Obviously, it's not as easy to pick up visual tells while playing online, but it is certainly possible to lock down some play and betting habits that certain players may offer.

Analyze Your Own Game

Another great way to compile and use information in your online poker play is by analyzing your own game. Take notes or keep a running journal on your strengths and weaknesses is one way to improve continually. Several note-taking/journal software programs are meant for such use as improving your poker game.

You may have no need or desire to take advantage of notation while playing multiple low-stakes tables against soft competition while building your bankroll, but when you decide to step up to the plate, or sit down to some stiff tournament action, take full advantage of the resources that are available to you!

Know Your Odds

Only to rely on your noticed tells alone is never a good idea. Even if you are 99 % sure of your opponent’s betting-pattern or hand there will always be a chance that your read the situation incorrectly. That’s why you should always back up your decisions with probability and pot-odds. Playing poker is in the end about maximizing profits and minimizing the element of luck. Professional bookkeepers always use fixed odds-betting when taking bets to ensure that they will win most of every betting event.

Use strategy guides or little cheat sheets to help you calculate your odds. There are odds calculators available for your use, too. Ultimately, they are tools of poker education that you can use on the fly. So in essence, you're getting a very "active" poker education. If you're a good student, you may achieve a goal you have always dreamed of, to finally get paid to go to school.